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Friday, April 27, 2012

Today's Commodity Tips For Gold Copper Silver 27 Apr 2012

Our "Commodity Tips" Experts suggests to buy copper contract on the MCX suggests buying at around Rs 427.78-428.78 per kilogram levels on the MCX Copper with a stop loss to be placed Linkat around Rs 422.45 per kilogram and the targets in the range of Rs 434.78-435.47 per kilogram levels.

MCX Silver has a major support at Rs 55,258 per kilogram and if prices are able to break these levels after this a sharp correction can be seen till Rs 53,210 per kilogram and recommends Rs 55,741.3-55,900 per kilogram levels as for sell having stop loss to be placed at 56,300 per kilogram for the downside target of Rs 55,231 per kilogram and below that Rs 54,600 per kilogram in next two days.

MCX Crude Oil trade in the range of Rs 5,462.78-5,540 per barrel and high strong resistance near the Rs 5,521 per barrel mark. Hence traders can go short for this commodity at current levels and rally to Rs 5,521 per barrel with stop loss above Rs 5,537 per barrel for a downward target objective of Rs 5,444-5,400 per barrel.

MCX Gold prices have inched higher in lines and the prices are having strong resistance around psychological Rs 29,027 per 10 grams levels and suggest for buy gold on moves above Rs 29,214 per 10 grams with a stop loss of Rs 28,828 per 10 grams and a target of Rs 29,501per 10 grams.

For Natural Gas only check above 111.45 sharp move and made a high 121.48 Time is for to change the trend and above 111.45 no need to sell.
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Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Free Commodity Trading MCX Tips For 25 Apr 2012

MCX Gold June: Buy around 28865 levels with a stop loss placed below 28740 levels for targets of 28921 levels.

MCX Silver May: Buy around 55610 levels with a stop loss placed below 55104 levels for targets of 56521 levels.

MCX Crude May: Sell around 5478 levels with a stop loss placed above 5512 levels for targets of 5499 levels.

MCX Natural Gas April: Buy around 106.78 levels with a stop loss placed below 103.47levels for targets of 112.89 levels.

MCX Copper April: Sell around 427.78 levels with a stop loss placed above 429.78 levels for targets of 420.12 levels.

MCX Nickel April: Sell around 937 levels with a stop loss placed above 946.78 levels for targets of 917.89 levels.

MCX Lead April: Sell around 110 levels with a stop loss placed above 1130.90 levels for targets of 108.50 levels.

MCX Zinc April: Sell around 106.78 levels with a stop loss placed above 107.86 levels for targets of 105.50 levels.
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Monday, April 23, 2012

Commodity Tips amd Market Update For 23 Apr 2012

MCX Gold Trading levels for the week (23.04.2012 to 27.04.2012)
Trend: Up
S1-28,363 R1-28,967
Recommendation: Buy MCX Gold June between 28340-28359, SL-27900, Target -28990/29160.

MCX Silver Trading levels for the week (23.04.12 to 27.04.12)
Trend: Sideways
S1-56,050 R1-57,312
S2-55,540 R2-58,021

MCX Copper Trading levels for the week (23.04.2012 to 27.04.2012)
Trend: Up
S1 - 421 R1 - 433
S2 – 416 R2 - 440
Recommendation: Buy MCX Copper April between 420-430, SL-416, Target -435/439.

MCX Crude Oil Trading levels for the week (23.04.2012 to 27.04.2012)
Trend: Up
S1- 5360 R1-5583
S2-5281 R2-5555
Recommendation: Buy MCX Crude May between 5360-5450, SL-5570, Target -5650/5960.
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Friday, April 20, 2012

Commodity Tips Outlook For Today 20 Apr

Our MCX Commodity Report on Gold, Silver, Copper, Nickel, Lead , Copper and Crude.

MCX Gold prices are expected to trade within a range from 28710 to 28485, Sell on rise around 28550, 28910 with a stop loss above 2879650.The Oscillators are in positive territory.

MCX Silver prices are probable to trade within a broad range from 56710 to 55410, buy on dips around 55910 with a stop loss below 56300. Oscillators are in negative territory.

MCX Nickel prices are witnessing support on lower end around 914.67 -916.78 and resistance at 938.71 -939.46, prices are likely to trade within the range. Oscillators are heading up.
Lead prices are expected to trade within the range from 105.10 to 108.20. Oscillators are heading up.

MCX Crude Oil prices are expected to hold the support at 5410, with oscillators likely to head up. Maintain a stop loss below 5271 and prices are expected to test 5435 on higher end.

MCX COPPER in the last few weeks, after in front of a tremendous resistance at 454.78 and not able to cross, it finally broke down strong support level 429.43 and made a low of 411. Trend decider of this week – 420.78 and key level 434.78.
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