Thursday, July 14, 2011

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The pace of U.S. economy rating of slumber and Ireland have increased concern about Commuting World Economy. Safe investments such as gold has increased the trend of investors. The world's largest gold ETF rose 1.5 per cent over the holding Speediai Gold has gone beyond 1225 tons.

The glitter of gold has increased again. In both domestic and foreign markets has risen to record levels. Comaks where nearly 1587 dollars per ounce on gold is trading at. In the domestic market, 22 867 rupees per 10 grams of gold touched record levels.

International crude oil is to move upwards. The gold and silver reached record heights.

The Naimaks crude oil at $ 98 a barrel level is reached. Brent crude as well as with the 0.6 per cent is reached beyond 118 dollars a barrel.

Comaks silver is going to record heights. Comaks currently at $ 38.5 per ounce of silver on the edge is close.
On MCX, gold remains close to Rs 22 800. The international market is trading close to $ 1571 gold. silver looks even faster. MCX silver remains close to 54 780. Strengthen the silver is in the spot market. 

crude oil is traded on the edge. On MCX, crude oil is at Rs 4349. Naimaks the crude oil remains at $ 97.5. Agri drop in commodities futures have gained nearly 2 per cent.

Cardamom is also looking strong. Mint, black pepper and turmeric are traded on the edge. However, weaknesses in the red pepper. investors of the tips provided to MCX Crude Oil (July Futures): Sell - 4375, stoploss - 4425, Target - 4300 Gold MCX (August Futures): Buy - 22 750, stoploss - 22 700, Target - 22 856 Gold: Buy - 22 750, stoploss - 22 680, Target - 22 900 Silver: Buy - 54700, stoploss - 54 400, Target - 55 200 Soy oil (August Futures): Buy - 647, stoploss - 642, Target - 655 Caraway (August Futures) Buy: - 14 750, stoploss - 14500, Target - 15 150 .

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