Monday, March 12, 2012

Commodity Tips Free Trial on Mobile 12 Mar 2012

MCX gold falls, resistance at Rs.28228-28361
MCX gold rises, resistance at Rs.28356-28444

Silver under pressure, MCX resistance at Rs.53600
MCX silver weakens, resistance at Rs.53549-53413

Crude Oil
MCX Crude oil rises, resistance at Rs.5512-5652
MCX Crude trades up,resistance at Rs.5415-5490

MCX Copper gains, resistance at Rs.431.60-441.70
MCX Copper declines, resistance at Rs.430.40-441.50

Today the selling pressure again is at higher level and the smart traders can consider support at 121-123, as long as hold buying in tiny lots advisable with tight stop-loss.

The higher-level consider resistance 998-1021 and downside support 965 range, for the time being avoid to trade this commodity.

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