Monday, March 26, 2012

Free Commodity Trading Tips For 26 March 2012

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In the previous Week, fine recovery was seen from the level of 56560 and in the last made a high of 57890 and manages to close at 57840. The whole short-term trend is sideways and higher level resistance 57890-59160 continues and the support is 56456, decisively break with volume further downward pressure up to 55100, higher-level resistance to sell side.
The Trading Trend Decider of this week is 57103.

In the last trading range was from 429.45 to 439.69 but however any buying or selling opportunity emerges if breaks out or breaks down this trading range. For this week, closely watch 431. Sustained above 446 at this show strength.

In previous week, sustained above 5510, sharp move and finally made a high of 5735, but as a result profit booking it again came down and finally managed to hold above 5550. The whole trend is bullish as long as hold 5550 mark. In this week, closely watch 59135. Reversal to sell side.

Higher level selling to continue and in previous session after making a high of 965.69, it made a low of 939.56. Sell on rise to continue as long as below 961 levels... downside target 912 to watch out.

Some support at lower level... as long as holds 120, do not panic and try to catch buying opportunity for small profit. Above 126.98, it will show power and buy side.

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