Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Crude Oil Updates

Crude oil continues to fall. Naimaks the crude oil is trading around 92 dollars per barrel. Brent crude on the ICE has also come under $ 113.
The back bone of the crude oil is a global economy. But crude oil prices in the last 4 days, 9 per cent of the business are broken.

Though fears of supply decline is not over yet. Still, the benchmark crude price of crude oil on the market Naimaks is constantly slipping.

Decline in crude oil today. MCX crude oil prices have broken more than 1 per cent. Crude oil fell nearly 1.5 per cent on the Naimaks 91.5 dollars a barrel touched on the lower level.

Europe and U.S. crude oil demand due to projected decreases in the price of crude oil updates last week have broken up nearly 8 per cent.
Euro gains against the dollar in the international crude oil looks weak. Slowness in the world economy to grow is the pressure on crude oil than speculation.
Today MCX crude oil updates and gone up nearly 1 percent. Naimaks While the price of crude oil are close to $ 94. Naimaks futures expiry date is July, while August crude oil futures over the July futures are trading at nearly one per cent.
Stock markets also boosted by strong crude oil. Naimaks the morning up 0.5 per cent in the trading of crude oil has reached close to 94 dollars a barrel. The Brent crude is trading above 111 dollars a barrel.
Tips provided to investors -
Gold: Buy -22 600, -22 541 stoploss, target -22 770
Silver: Sell -55 400, -55 888 stoploss, target -53 500
Copper (June Futures): Buy -401, -394.60 stoploss, goals -407
Chinese (July Futures) NCDEX: Buy -2545-2550, stoploss -2530, -2575 Target

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